{"member":"Reinhardt","_":[{"sticker":[512,512,"AAQCABMktIENAAQ7jAMIc7zJ7Xd8AAIC","CAADAgADQQIAAkf7CQw2YkvFWC1DowI",867500685606780933]},{"text":["Bring it on! I **LIVE** for this!",1]},{"text":"Reinhardt, we need to find you some new tunes 🎶.","out":1},{"voice":3,"out":1},{"text":"Ah, you kids today with techno music! You should enjoy the classics, like Hasselhoff!"},{"audio":[243,"True Survivor","David Hasselhoff"]},{"text":"I can't even take you seriously right now.","out":1}]},{"members":[[6,"Daenerys"],[7,"Angela","Merkel"],[3,"Julian","Assange"],[1,"Pierre"]],"_":[{"created":"Weekend Plans","out":1},{"text":"Are you sure it's safe here?","author":6},{"text":"Yes, sure, don't worry.","out":1},{"text":"Hallo alle zusammen! Is the NSA reading this? 😄","author":7},{"text":"Sorry, I'll have to publish this conversation on the web","author":3},{"left":3},{"text":"Wait, we could have made so much money on this!","author":1},{"sticker":[467,512,"AAQCABNfgVkqAAT-l09kzZivgi08AAIC","CAADAgAD3gAD9HsZAAG9he9u98XOPQI",7173162320003073],"out":1}]},{"member":[0,"Eileen","Lockhard"],"_":[{"sticker":[512,512,"AAQCABOzP0sNAATjTYV36dMVWNVCAQABAg","CAADAgADfgUAAvoLtghVynd3kd-TuAI"]},{"text":"So, why is Telegram cool?","out":1},{"text":"Well, look. Telegram is superfast and you can use it on all your devices at the same time – phones, tablets, even desktops."},{"text":"😴","out":1},{"text":"And it has secret chats, like this one, with end-to-end encryption!"},{"text":"End encryption to what end??","out":1},{"text":"Arrgh. Forget it. You can set a timer and send message that will disappear when the time runs out. Yay!"},{"ttl":15},{"text":"😱🙈👍","out":1}]},{"member":"Space Dandy","_":[{"text":["You see this chat preview because you are a **Translator**.\
Please refer to @tgx_android_translate for guide on how to make your own scenes.",1]},{"text":"I knew it! Please don't ever tell me this again…","out":1},{"text":["**OK**",1]}],"guide":1}
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Fair Dog, Sep 22, 2018 at 07:58