Any details such as age, occupation or city.
Example: 23 y.o. designer from San Francisco
Jakékoli informace o Vás, jako jsou věk, povolání nebo město.
Např.: 24letý student z Prahy
Jirka, Jan 1, 2019 at 11:15
Jakékoli informaceNapište cokoli o Vás, jako jsousobě, třeba věk, povolání nebo městobydliště.
Např.: 243letý student z Prahy Brna
Martin Zeidler, Dec 22, 2021 at 23:17
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Martin ZeidlerDec 22, 2021 at 23:17Reply
The suggested translation aims at a less formal and more friendly tone of voice. An imperative is used instead of the verbless clause so that the reflexive pronoun „sobě“ (yourself) can be used, which is more familiar than the formal „Vy“ with capital „V“. „Údaje“ (information) is mostly associated with „personal information“, thus it is quite formal. Therefore, it was changed to „cokoli“ (anything). „Třeba“ (maybe) was also used as an denotative equivalent to „jako“ with a more familiar connotation.
The word „město“ (city) was changed to „bydliště“ (place of residence) because „město“ as a standalone word is too general and in most cases would need to be specified (e.g., the city where you live).
Lastly, the example was changed back from 24 to 23 y.o. because I don’t see any reason for this change. The city Brno is only used to illustrate that this part of the translation offers some space for ideological expression (it can help to convey any stance or narrative that Telegram assumes). If we wanted to convey the connotation of San Francisco as a cultural center, we could use „Karlovy Vary“ where internation film festivals are held yearly. Although this would be at a cost of space.