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Ed ОS, Dec 22, 2021 at 23:33
4) We detected a login (…) If this wasn’t you, you can go to Settings (…)
Detectamos un inicio (…) Si no eras tú, puedes ir a Ajustes (…)
Detectamos un inicio (…) Si no fuiste tú, puedes ir a Ajustes (…)

I suggest “fuiste” instead of “eras” for two reasons:

a) Emphasis on Object or on Person?

Emphasis on object:

• We detected a login (…) What did we detect? A login.
Here the emphasis is made on the object; i.e., login. “Detectamos a login”; that is to say: if no fuiste tú quien intentó a login que detectamos…; as opposed to,

Emphasis on person:

• We detected someone (…) Who did we detect? Someone.
Here the emphasis is made on the subject; i.e., someone (you?). “Detectamos someone intentando a login”; that is to say: if no eras tú ese alguien que detectamos intentando a login …

Note that the sentence "We detected a login to your account..." clearly emphasizes the object, a login; therefore, you should opt for the objective emphasis which is "a login": We detected a login.
In Spanish, the form "fuiste" is preferred in the context at hand since the emphasis is on the object of the action rather than on the person carrying out the action.

b) Period of time and point of time?

A period of time has a duration; it may be the result of a repeated action for an indefinite time. A point in time, on the other hand, is excessively brief; it may be the result of a brief action.

In Spanish "eras" is the past imperfect of "ser"; it denotes the continuation of the action or state, and "fuiste" is the preterite of "ser"; it denotes the termination of the action or state. Therefore, since it is inferred from the context that the action of attempting a login was a single action of short duration; a point in time, the form " fuiste" is suggested.
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